BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) – Election season is in full swing in Connecticut! That also holds true at the Beardsley Zoo.

On Wednesday, the zoo announced the newest candidates for mayor. Five candidates have made it past this year’s primary rounds and move on to the general election.

These are the five candidates:

Azriel the Common Raven: ”One of the most intelligent songbirds, Azriel got her candidacy off the ground with a flying start. With great raven problem-solving abilities, she is also an expert flier and can roll and somersault into a variety of political positions. When asked for her campaign slogan, she did some tapping and some rapping, then quoth, ‘Nevermore. And I am definitely not ‘common!’”

Darwin the Gopher Tortoise: “Darwin is an experienced leader. As a keystone species in the wild that shares the burrows they dig with up to 350 other species, she is both stubborn and persistent. Her campaign motto is: “Great is the power of steady representation,” a catchphrase borrowed from her namesake, Charles Darwin.”

Rhubarb the Two-Toed Sloth: “Rhubarb is known to be level-headed, even when hanging upside down. As a member of a species that’s been around for sixty million years, Rhubarb believes what goes around, comes around. His campaign motto is: ‘If not today, tomorrow.’”

Gantry the Sandhill Crane: “Many already consider Gantry to be the voice of the Zoo, as he is one of the loudest animals and can be heard throughout the grounds. He delights in letting everyone know what he’s thinking, a valuable skill as a politician. His campaign motto is ‘I speak for those without a voice.’”

Goncalo the Maned Wolf: “The only candidate born at the Zoo, Goncalo’s long legs may help to lift him above the crowd of other mayoral job seekers. He says that he alone can make a stink to bring attention to critical Zoo issues. His campaign slogan is: ‘My candidacy passes the smell test.’”

“Once again, the race for Mayor of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is highly contested as each candidate attempts to win the support of voters,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “Unlike other elections, we encourage people to vote early, vote often, and stuff the ballot box.”

The election will be decided by online voters. The public can vote for the candidate of their choice by making a $1 donation for each vote. The money will help support the zoo’s mission of conservation, education, research and fun.

Voting will end on Wednesday, November 9 at 4 p.m. The winning mayor will hold a 12-month term.

To vote, click here.