WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – After a year of protests and town hall meetings, Wallingford residents can rest knowing that animals at their local shelter will be cool during the hot summer months.

Wallingford Animal Control received criticism in June 2021 for its lack of air conditioning as temperatures can exceed 90 degrees during the summer. Additionally, the shelter had set aside more than $700,000 in its Dog Pound Trust Fund for improvements in repairs, leading residents to ask why those funds weren’t being utilized for air conditioning.

Nearly a year after the decision in August 2021 to implement the system, the air conditioning is flowing in the kennels.

“The air conditioning is officially up and running in our kennel area!!” Wallingford Animal Control wrote in its Facebook post on July 13. “And before we start firing off the ‘it’s about time’ comments, let’s just take a minute and appreciate that this moment has come. I know the dogs will.”

Wallingford’s temperature will reside in the 80s today, with the possibility of exceeding 90 degrees multiple times later this week as a heat wave nears.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture, which legislates the temperature allowed in animal shelters, could not be reached for comment prior to publication.