BETHESDA, MD (WTNH) — President Donald Trump remains hospitalized at the Walter Reed Medical Center after he tested positive for COVID-19. His doctors say his condition is improving and he may be able to leave as early as today.

President Donald Trump has been in the hospital since Friday. He’s said to be doing well. However, there have been some mixed messages about his health.

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The president was seen sitting in the back-seat of an SUV on Sunday waving at supporters. He briefly left his hospital room at Walter Reed where he’s been receiving care. While the White House insists precautions were taken, some medical experts and Democrats were quick to criticize the move — calling it, “Insanity.”

This latest incident follows a series of mixed messages and conflicting statements about President Trump’s health — over the weekend, his doctor’s side-stepped questions about whether the president needed oxygen as well as when and how the president caught COVID.

Meanwhile, his condition has raised questions about the future of the campaign trail. Those working on President Trump’s re-election campaign here in Connecticut shed light on what’s next.

“Here in Connecticut, we are not a targeted state so having a presidential visit, a vice presidential visit is not in the cards for us so our campaign style has not stopped,” Rep. Anthony D’Amelio, Honorary Chairperson for CT Trump Campaign.

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President Trump has continued to tweet from the hospital. He’s thanked supporters for their support.

Trump is being treated for COVID-19 at the hospital after he, the first lady, and many of his close aids and staff all tested positive for the virus only days ago.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been tested for COVID-19. He has tested negative twice since last week’s debate.