EAST HADDAM, Conn. (WTNH) — The ice jam along the Connecticut River has brought in people from all across the state wanting to see the spectacle created by Mother Nature.

But now, it is those living along the river who are keeping an even closer eye on what happens next.

A sight for sore eyes came up the river just after noon Tuesday.

Three Coast Guard cutters came through the swing bridge and immediately began breaking up the ice.

The Bollard out of New Haven was joined by the Hawser out of New Jersey and the Pendant out of Boston. A triple threat to the ice jam which has caused damage and flooding along the Haddam/East Haddam part of the Connecticut River.Related: Warmer temperatures, rain cause flooding concerns along Connecticut River

“I’m feeling much more relieved, yes,” said Lizz Milardo, the First Selectwoman of Haddam. “Yes, yes very happy.”

Also relieved is David Papallo who owns Andrew’s Marina right where the river bottle necks by the swing bridge. Ice was pushed onto his property and into his docks.

“18 years I’ve never seen it since I’ve owned the marina,” said Papallo.

The first selectwoman who declared a state of emergency in Haddam is hoping the worst is over and says she’s glad Mother Nature cooperated this time.

“I’m happy that it’s not pouring all day,” said Milardo. “It’s coming in spurts. It seems to be working with us to get the ice dams melted.”

News 8 asked Papallo if there was damage to his piers and docks. “We lost 12, confirmed 12 and the docks are okay,” said Papallo. “Some damage but nothing that can’t easily be repaired. So we’ll be open May 1st.”

The Coast Guard cutters left the area at 4:00 p.m. and are expected to return on Wednesday.

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There’s also concern the ice could be on the move again and damage property in its path.

NASA captured some stunning photos of the ice jams from space! Click here to check them out!