(WTNH) – Colton has the innocent laugh of a child and a smile that lights up a room.

“My son is Colton, he’s going to be five in two weeks” said Ashely McClain Creator of the North Branford/Northford Special Needs Families Networking Group.

“I have an older daughter who is six and she made me a momma and I say Colton made me a stronger momma. He made me realize what’s really important in life and is one of the strongest kids I know and one of the most resilient kids I know. He does have an autism diagnosis and its been a journey the last year or so,” said McClain.

Determined to give her son the best care possible. I don’t know what the future is going to hold for him but I know he’s going to get every opportunity that’s available to him because he deserves it.”

Ashley McClain of North Branford is using the power of social media to connect parents in town through Facebook. “So it’s literally just a resource page for families. It’s also a page to vent if we need to.”

It’s called North Branford/ Northford Special Needs Families Networking Group.

“It’s parents connecting and sharing resources and sharing stories that can support one another, again to be able to make our children’s as successful as they can for themselves,” said McClain.

It’s a safe space where milestones are also celebrated, like this big moment for Colton when he said I love you to his family for the first time. You can’t see him but you can hear him if you listen closely.

“If I can just help one other parent, if I can be that parent I was looking for when I first found out about my son’s diagnosis, that’s all that matters,” said McClain.