BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – #VolunteerItsWhatWeDo In 2020, Ken Engelman of Branford founded a nonprofit called ‘Community Volunteers of America’ where volunteers empower their own community by serving local nonprofits.

“It’s people doing good things when they can,” said Engelman.

The Branford-based organization connects with community members through their Facebook page. Community Volunteers of America encourage people to donate their time and use their personal skills to help local nonprofits in their communities. Engelman hopes this model could one day be used nationwide to improve the health and well-being of communities from coast to coast.

“So everyone in town has a skill and ability in their career or as a hobby that local nonprofits need access to,” Engelman said. “To me, volunteering isn’t just writing a check. Philanthropy can actually be doing the work so we’re hoping to inspire others in their careers to help out with what they do.”

Engelman hopes to create a movement that will inspire people to do the right things for their neighbors and nonprofits, just because they can.