NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Moms are often the backbone families. They are fierce, nurturing, loving, brave and most of all they are Warriors!

Alex from Watertown says her mother, Paula is the definition of a warrior who always puts her family and patients first. Working tirelessly as a nurse throughout the COVID-19 pandemic her heart of gold only grew bigger and stronger.

Diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, Janice is going strong and continues to inspire her family every day. Janice’s daughter, Vanessa from Wolcott says her mom is a strong warrior.

Linda loves deeply without limits says her daughter Heidi from Groton. She is a warrior known as nana to her three grandchildren, Linda never misses a sporting event and goes above and beyond for her family.

This warrior is described as being “oh so strong” Maria of Waterbury was diagnosed with MS 33 years ago yet continues to work full time, be a full-time mom and grandma to her three grandbabies. Thank you to Kristina for nominating your mom and showing us why she is special!

Joann of Branford is lucky to still have her mom Ruth who is 93 year! A caregiver who for years has fought for her family, today Ruth is fighting her own battle with leukemia but she does not let her diagnosis slow her down.
“I know my Mom may not seem like anything more than a normal everyday Mother, but to me, she is a true warrior. A warrior who has shown such strength and dedication to her family. My life is so much better having had her as a Mother and I am so honored God picked her to be mine,“ said Joann who is one of Ruth’s five children.

Georgia from East Haven is remembering her late mother, Polexeni this Mother’s Day.
Telling us she is thankful her mom instilled within her kindness and passion for cooking. Georgia says her mother was her warrior who remains her guardian angel.