NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A local teen founded a nonprofit called More than Likes (MTL) to help teenagers see how much they have to offer in the world, by making an impact in their communities.

Alex Ranciato is a junior at North Haven High School. He founded ‘More than Likes’ in 2021 after being cyberbullied. Ranciato wanted to help other teens see their own value and prove that they are worth more than the amount likes their posts receive online.

The nonprofit encourages teenagers to give back to their community and get them off technology. ‘MTL’ recently completed a diaper drive where students were able to donate 2,750 diapers to the Diaper Bank of Connecticut. ‘MTL’ also collected and donated 500 toys to go toward children in foster homes.

“We were really proud of ourselves and this is just the beginning,” shared Ranciato.

These warriors are working to end the stigma of “likes” surrounding teens. These teens are proving they are more than a like by encouraging their peers to get out into the community and give back.

You do not have to be a student at North Haven High School to get involved with ‘More than Likes’! If you would likes to visit the ‘More than Likes’ website, click here.