WESTBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) – Just a few hundred yards off the shore in Westbrook is Salt Island. During low tide, people can easily walk out to the island, and town officials are trying to stop that from happening.

When it’s low tide, it’s very easy to get to the island, but during high tide, the water is over your head and the current is pretty strong.

There have been some tragedies with people trying to swim or walk back during high tide. The Westbrook Emergency Management director says they usually get 5 to 6 calls a year from people who get stuck. This year, they’ve already gotten nearly two dozen calls.

“For safety reasons, we don’t go out alone. So, immediately, Clinton and Saybrook both send a boat to back up,” said John Palermo, Westbrook Emergency Management Director.

The issue is such a big concern that it was actually discussed at the Board of Selectman meeting this week. Palermo says that Water’s Edge, which is a resort right along the shoreline, is putting up signs to warn guests about Salt Island. The town is considering doing the same.