How many times have we said in our life, that hey I wish someone would invent a sport? Well we got a Conneticut guy here from Weston, Jeremiah Schwartz, who’s invented a sport called Tri. Tell us about that.

Tri is an interesting sport. It’s played with three teams at the same time. It’s a mixture between rugby, American football, basketball and not many Americans know about Australian rules but that’s a big influence. It’s played again with three teams so there are team alliances and positive and negative point scoring.

So where’d we come up with this idea? Just from you seeing all of these sports over the years? How did this come about?

Well I’m a product designer and I knew product design research as well. I test things in the market and originally I created this ball.

Yeah tell me about this thing. Check this thing out. What is this?

The Tri ball was created as an international training instrument so it can bridge athletes from rugby, American football. It was originally created for the bounce reaction and receiving and communication, ball handling. And after I created the ball, that become the cornerstone, and people embraced it and they said ‘you need to design a sport around this system.’

So how did you come up with this ball?

Well, it was partly inspired by the lacross stick cause as you can see it’s so long I was trying to use that leverage factor from the lacross stick. So you use propetual momentum when you like tomahawk the ball.

So we have a team from Connecticut. Tell us about that. When did it start?

So we have the Connecticut State Tri Team. We’ve just started producing it for the past three months and they will be playing on Sunday, June 21, 2 pm at Bridgeport Seaside Park against Massachusetts and New York.

Ok so we have three teams here. For the viewer out there saying all right three teams how we keeping score? You mentioned alliances this isn’t survivor but at the same time how do we get three teams? This is what I’m trying to get my head around here.

Originally when I was designing the concept I said besides the ball what would be so disruptive that would get people to stop in their tracks and try to pay attention to what’s actually going on. And another element that we find really attractive is diplomacy. So if you score on me you get one point but I go negative one for conceding a goal. The third team is still at zero so it would be 1, -1, zero. If I score on the other team, I go back up to one. So this creates an opportunity for two teams to create an alliance against a strong team and I think that’s a really new exciting feature that we’ve never seen in traditional sports before.

Now Tri. Obviously you’re working with the three here. The three periods of thirty minutes. Tell me about the actual game itself. What might fans who check this out Sunday see?

Well, as it is a mixture between rugby, American football, and basketball, there’s going to be a lot of hitting, a lot of good contac, hard blocks absolutely.

People like that.

Especially Americans. In addition to that you’re going to see a lot of fluid passing because over thirty minutes over a 53-yard diameter circle there’s a lot of open space.

If I come out on Sunday and I see this. I say ‘hey I want to play this. I’m thirty-five, forty years old. How do I get involved with this?’ Have you guys thought about that? How do we do that?

We’re just starting to develop the American platform so what we will need to do is go You can contact us on and what we’re trying to do is set up state teams, but now that we already have the momentum moving we’re gonna start breaking out into city teams and local programs for recreation, at universities for intramurals and etc.

So this Sunday, now the weather’s not looking that great. What’s the plan? You guys will play in the rain right?

We will play in the rain but if it’s thundered out, what can you do? We got to postpone it. On our website we will let people know that morning, the day of the game, cancelled or it’s still on, and probably about three days from that point on we’re gonna let you know when it’s gonna go on again.

How much are tickets? Is it free?

It’s free. Everything is free. Show up. Bring your own food. Your own drinks.

Hey what better way to spend Father’s Day and I just can’t wait to see how this ball is thrown around. But Jeremiah thank you so much for coming in. This is a terrific sport. It’s fun to watch on the Youtube. I want to see it in person and check it out.


I hope a bunch of you as well. So Sunday, 2 o’clock in Bridgeport Seaside Park. Go check it out. All right this is Jeremiah Schwartz. Big guy from Connecticut who’s invented a new sport. How about that? We’ll have more Sportzedge after this.