Wet snow makes for slippery sidewalks, difficult shoveling


The overnight storm had heavy snow at the beginning. Rain on top of that, some strong winds and coastal flooding. And remember, it’s still the middle of autumn.

It hit at the worst time. Snow falling at 2 inches an hour, just as folks were trying to drive home. Trucks and cars sliding off of I-691.

Overnight a pedestrian hit and killed along I-95 in Milford, and the back roads in residential areas were much worse than the highways.

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When it came time to shovel and plow it was clear this was no ordinary snow. That’s according to Frankie Meeker, who’s been shoveling a while.

“Yeah, I’d say 15, 20 years,” Meeker said. In his expert opinion, this snow was as dense as it gets. “The snow is wet, it’s heavy, so you know you’ve got to go slow. The older people, I would advise them to stay in.”

Carl Shepherd is 77 years old, and he was out shoveling. He does have a snowblower, but this snow is too heavy for the machine.

“This is probably the heaviest snow I’ve shoveled in a good many years,” Shepherd said. “I’m 77 and I’ve shoveled a lot of snow.”

You don’t have to be 77 to be worried about your health in the snow.

“It’s just so heavy and you have to be careful because your back, your heart, your back, your vascular system isn’t ready for the work,” said Branford resident Brendan Ammann, who is a long way from being a senior citizen.

It seemed like nobody was ready for this much snow, this early in November.

“I always love the snow, because it makes everything look so pretty and especially with the holidays coming up, but I was not ready for the amount of snow we had,” Ammann said.

Or the rain that followed it, which led to flooding. Hemingway Avenue in East Haven was closed for hours, and our snow expert has a warning for all of us.

“It’s the first snowstorm of the year,” Meeker said. “There’s more to come.”

Probably many more to come since this is still the middle of autumn. Frank doesn’t mind, because he gets paid to remove snow. For the rest of us, it could be a long few months.

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