NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Seems like every month you can find some kind of deal, right? In January you have the post-holiday sales, February people are out buying cars for President’s Day, so what’s March good for? We talked to a business expert in New Haven to find out.

“Even though this winter wasn’t bad I want to go somewhere it’s warm,” said Madison’s Susan Campbell.

Campbell just might be in luck. We are in between busy travel seasons right now, which means a quick getaway is cheaper now than it will be in the summer. It’s also a good time to upgrade your luggage as retailers try to get rid of the old before peak travel months.

UNH business professor Brian Marks suggests replacing your winter gear in March.

“That snowblower you didn’t buy in November, we’ve had a light winter in New England, now might be the perfect time to buy that snowblower,” he said.

Maybe buy the kids a winter coat – the next size up-  to plan for next year or replace their sports gear.

“I play hockey so now’s the time the manufacturers put out their new equipment,” said UNH student JR Gamby.

Also, did you know March is National Frozen Food month? Look for added deals there at the grocery store. OK, what not to buy in March?

“I wouldn’t necessarily run out at the beginning of March and buy that new car,” Marks said.

He says deals on cars are more likely at the end of the month as the quarter ends. Also, you can do better on tools in June closer to father day and gym membership deals get better in the summer when people start taking their workout outside.

Here’s another idea. If you’re in the market to buy a new iPod or iPad, Apple is expected to announce a new line of products at the end of the month so those items that are in stores now, will be cheaper to buy later.