What you eat could affect how you think


(ABC News) – Here’s a little food for thought.

Nutrition may be just as important as medication in the treatment of certain mental health conditions.

Evidence suggests that people with mental illness eat less nutritious and more high-fat, high-sugar foods.

Researchers in Australia reviewed various studies to examine the effects of different dietary supplements on mental health conditions in over 10,000 people.

They studied various supplements including vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for the treatment of mood disorders, psychosis, and anxiety.

Although many substances had promising results, the strongest evidence was found for an omega-3 and for a folate-based supplement. Both were effective in the treatment of depression when used along with traditional medications.

But researchers are hungry for more!

The good safety profile of these products is helping push for more research. New studies will help us identify the most helpful supplements and how to safely use them for the treatment of mental health conditions.

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