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What’s Right with Schools: Art Integration at Park City Prep Charter School in Bridgeport


Kathleen Godiksen’s 7th grade class is underway at Park City Prep Charter School in Bridgeport

The students have made life-sized outlines of each other. 

It might look like science class, but it’s not. 

Ms. Godiksen teaches art. 

“Art is about everything,” said Godisken. 

Sketching, drawing and labeling the systems of the body is all part of integrating art into other subjects. 

“It’s really great for these kids to be able to learn in a bunch of different ways,” said Godiksen. 

“When I started here my mission was to integrate all the academic subjects into my art program,” said Godiksen. 

For Eveliz Ramirez artistically working with the material helps her absorb the information, and it’s made a big difference for many students. 

“Integration absolutely helps them. They are learning it in so many ways,” said Godiksen. 

Giving young minds creative new ways to see and understand the world. 

“Nothing succeeds like success. When they see what they can do I think it motivates and propels them even further,” said Godiksen. 

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