WEST HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) — It’s not quite elementary or middle school, however, there is one passion and activity that binds together many of the nearly 1,000 students at the May V. Carrigan Intermediate School.

It’s music.

Fifth and sixth graders at the school in West Haven gravitate toward the freedom and camaraderie that music brings.

“You can put your heart out there and sing,” said Alyvia Ginsberg.Related Content: What’s Right With Schools: Notre Dame of West Haven showcases unique clubs

For students like Jacob Smith, it’s the guidance from teachers that inspires him.

“The songs are perfect,” said Smith.

When all the students get together and perform on stage, it’s a special event according to principal Rich Weber.

“It sounds huge up on stage. The amount of iPhones, cameras, everybody filming, everyone proud. It’s very difficult to find something negative about that type of program,” said Weber.Related Content: What’s Right With Schools: Project Adventure at Joel Elementary

The talented students will go on to power musical programs for years to come.

“It’s impossible to not have our middle school get better, and our high school program get big, better and stronger,” said Weber.