The sound of ukuleles may be resonating across Guilford this summer. 

Sarah Ryan has found a note that sounds sweet to many throughout the Guilford Lakes elementary school. 

Ryan is developing her own music program. 

She went out and secured the donation of twenty-two ukuleles for the students. 

The program has quickly found its rhythm. 

“They were locked in and I think that the ukuleles really helped,” said Ryan. 

Proof of the transformative power that music can have. 

Even sparking a passion outside the classroom. 

“They crave music, they ask for music and a lot of them have even asked for ukuleles as presents,” said principal Mandy Ryan. 

It has provided a conduit for creativity. 

“It gives kids a space to come and be themselves and tap into that creativity that they might not be able to access in other parts of the school,” said Sarah Ryan. 

A unifying chorus, infusing a melody of togetherness into the school climate. 

“Elementary music brings those kids together to form a new kind of community they may not have experience before,” said Ryan. 


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