What’s Right with Schools: Shelton Intermediate School raises funds to sponsor clean water wells


There’s a powerful lesson being learned at Shelton Intermediate School, how a day can be so drastically different for other kids a world away.

Getting the most basic need: fresh water, is a full time job for other teens.

Instead of just reading about the struggle, teacher Penny Zhitomi challenged her 8th graders to take action. So, they grabbed some buckets and started walking.

There’s a lot that can go through your mind on a walk. One student said, “I thought about how lucky I am to not go through these problems and that I don’t have to walk everyday to get that water and food.”

That’s not all. For the last two years they have been raising money to sponsor a clean water well.

Recognizing how making an impact isn’t that hard at all as long as the students try. And Mrs. Zhitomi has already succeeded.

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