Why is Joe Markley always alone?


The ‘running mates’ in this year’s state election are on very different campaign trails.

Susan Bysiewicz, the Democratic candidate running for Lieutenant Governor frequently campaigns right along side Ned Lamont, reinforcing his statements on issues during news conferences.  She campaigned with him several times this week.

Bob Stefanowski has had very few public campaign events and is only joined by his campaign manager and other campaign aids.  He has spent most of his time lately raising money for the campaign.

Joe Markley, the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor goes almost anywhere he is asked, but is basically always on his own.  Says Bysiewicz,  “We just don’t see Mr. Markley and Mr. Stefanowski
out there together talking about their positions on issues.” 

Markley reponds this way, “I think our idea is we cover the state better by being separate than the two of us being in the same place.”

Bysiewicz also carries the Democratic banner that the Republican ticket is wrong on women’s issues. Markley is pro life and favors parental consent.  Stefanowski has said that since the rights in Roe V Wade are in Connecticut state statute that it’s not an issue here.  Bysiewicz also says,  “Pay equity is important for women,  my opponent opposes that.” 

Markley says, “I’m in favor of equal pay for equal work, so is Bob.”  Bysiewicz notes that Markley was the only State Senator to vote against a pay equity bill this past May.

Markley also tows the line of Stefanowski’s campaign that Connecticut voters in this race are not interested in hearing from them on Washington issues like Judge Kavanaugh adding,  “I think there’s a limited value in us getting involved in federal issues that we hae absolutely no control over.”

But Bysiewicz says that health care, tariffs and who’se on the U.S. Supreme Court  have major impact on Connecticut residents and voters do want to know where state leaders stand.

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