(WTNH) – The drought status continues to worsen each and every week, but this week Connecticut finally picked up some rain in parts of the state thanks to a few days of torrential downpours.

But was it enough rain? While we picked up almost a month’s worth of rain in spots on Monday and Tuesday, it still wasn’t enough.

In a normal summer, the ground is soft thanks to scattered showers every handful of days. This summer, measurable rainfall seems to happen less often than heatwaves around this area, so the ground has changed in a big way. This changes the ability for the rain to soak in.

This is not the only thing the drought will change even if we make up the rainfall deficit. Apples this season will be smaller but will probably taste sweeter because of the lower water content. So will other late summer and early fall fruits.

What about fall foliage? Unfortunately, the drought has been so severe that it already looks like fall in certain areas of the state. The leaves have turned, some have browned, and some have already fallen.

Some trees won’t change at all, and others will change and have vibrant colors, but the stress on the trees will likely cause the leaves to fall off sooner than normal.

Residents shouldn’t expect much of a spectacular foliage season this year.