(WTNH)–A nice early season blanket of snow to bring in the holiday spirit but now mother nature decides we’ll have rain with temperatures near 50 degrees. So what are the odds we’ll have a white Christmas? They’re better than they typically are.

Christmas in our state has been filled with lots of gifts, but not lots of snow. Since 2010, we haven’t been blessed with even an inch on the ground when waking up on December 25th. So what are the typical odds of a white Christmas?Related Content:When can you ski?

It completely depends on where you are. Areas along the shoreline typically average around or under a 20% shot of an inch of snow on the ground. In Hartford, we’re only looking at around a 30%, but the odds grow exponentially as you head a little bit up north.

Thankfully we have the ability to look at the forecast over the next few weeks, and the odds are in our favor. We have lots of cold, and the potential for some stormy weather which means we might be able to see Santa land on a snowy roof. There is one thing we can guarantee with the extreme cold over the coming days…the ski areas are going to love it!

Sean Hayes, CEO of Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort said, “We’re seeing forecasts that are showing teens, as low as teens. That gives us the ability to make a lot of snow, very quickly.”

Which puts the Connecticut ski business on the map much sooner than expected.

“We’re very excited to open so early in the season. We’re open Friday right through the weekend. We expect big crowds to be here because skiing season is finally here early.” Mentioned Hayes

So when will the ski areas open? I called them all up and here are the dates. Please call ahead before you show up in case something changes last minute:

Powder Ridge, Middlefield: Opening Friday.

Mohawk Mountain, Cornwall: Opened last weekend, will be open again on Friday.

Mount Southington, Plantsville: Opening Saturday.

Ski Sundown, New Hartford: Opening Saturday (weather permitting).