FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) – It has been a fixture in the Farmington area for 75 years. Winding Trails Summer Day Camp celebrated the big milestone Monday by bringing back one of the original campers from 1947.

Since 1947, Winding Trails has brought fun and games to thousands of kids, but the folks who run it say it’s about more than that.

“Hopefully meeting their best friend in the world,” said camp director Keith Garbart. “Hopefully, take away some of that life skills that we like to teach, but most importantly for me, camp is about the experience and meeting new people and new friends.”

To celebrate 75 years of those friendships, Winding Trails brought back Roz Terrwilleger. She was a camper here that very first summer in 1947. She still remembers what it was like.

“First, in the morning, we had lessons,” Terrwilleger said. “Then in the afternoon was free swim, and that was great.”

She got to hear from today’s campers and they got to ask her all about what it used to be like. All to give today’s campers some perspective on the past.

“It gets our kids to see and our staff to see that this truly is a special place and since 1947, 75 years, we’re still going strong,” Garbart said.

Terrwilleger says a lot has changed about Winding Trails in the last 75 years. For instance, most of the buildings were not even constructed yet. Of course, a lot has changed in the world since 1947. We didn’t have the distractions of the internet back then, and that’s kind of the idea at the camp still.

When you look at the campers, their heads are up, looking at live action in front of them. You don’t see a single cell phone in anyone’s hand, which is how you make real memories, not digital ones.

And remember how they said the goal here is to meet your best friend in the world? Well, that is exactly what Terrwilleger did in 1947.

“Well, my best friend now lives in California,” she said. “I’ve always come with her. We still keep in touch.”

Seventy-five years of their friendship and memories that all started at Winding Trails.