NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – With many people feeling fatigue over COVID-19 health experts continue to watch the most contagious variant yet, the BA.5. Its danger is that it can evade immunity if someone who gets it is not up to date with vaccines and boosters.

“The challenging thing is that the new variant is highly transmissible and unfortunately it seems to escape our prior vaccines and prior infections,” explains Yale Medicine Dr. Arjun Venkatesh.

“Those booster vaccinations are essential to prevent people from ending up hospitalized with covid or even dying from covid.”

As many as 4 covid shots could become available for people under 50 in the coming weeks if the FDA and CC sign off.

Dr. Venkatesh said to give yourself the protection of the vaccine.

“People do need to get boosted. If you got vaccinated a year ago a year and a half ago when they were first available you may not have enough protection anymore.”

The dangers of reinfections and long covid are proving to be dangerous. One study released by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health reveals that even healthy people who had mild symptoms or none at all can have persistent issues.

They can be at a higher risk for heart issues like clots, inflammation and arrhythmias even long after covid.

Dr. Venkatesh has this message from what he sees in E.R.

“For right now you want to be protected from what we are seeing in our emergency departments and our hospitals around the country.”

Connecticut’s number of people hospitalized is up fifteen percent in the past two weeks.