NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — From the hallowed halls of Yale, a potential solution for one of society’s social ills, the hangover.

Seniors Margaret Morse and Liam McClintock came up with the concoction in their apartments.

“I’m a big supplements aficionado so I take a lot of dietary supplements. And I was trying to find one that would help alleviate my hangovers and nothing was really effective,” said McClintock.

He partnered with Margaret, a molecular cellular and developmental biology major, who focused on the root causes of a hangover.

“There’s an acetaldehyde build up. There is a vitamin and electrolyte loss. There is a glutamine rebound and there are immunological disturbances,” said McClintock.

The powdered citrus-flavored mixture is made of vitamins and nutrients promoting liver health, which they initially found bulk on the internet.

“This is a powder that you take before you start drinking and it helps your liver deal with the stress you’re putting it under when you drink,” said McClintock.

“You feel less fatigued than normally, you are not nauseous, no headaches,” said Morse.

Buoyed by a small unscientific study of students, positive feedback from experts in the Yale community and a growing demand, their product is now in the hands of a pharmaceutical company. Both stress it’s about responsible drinking.

“It’s intended for productive workers,” said McClintock. “Like ourselves who like to have a social life, like to go out and have a couple of drinks but also need to be productive the next day and get up and have work to do.”

SunUp could be available in April.

It retails for $5 per packet. Currently it can be pre-ordered at a discounted price here.

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