NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — While the university is not saying a word publicly, student-run organizations said that allegations of a sex crime have gotten a star-athlete expelled. Since we found no evidence of criminal charges, News 8 is not identifying the player at the center of this controversy.

At Friday nights game, the Yale basketball team came out in solidarity of a former teammate. Their warm-ups were emblazoned with his nickname and number. The Yale Daily News reports that the former student-athlete abruptly left the team, then withdrew from the university on February 10.

A post on the Facebook page of the Yale Women’s Center speculates that the former basketball star was kicked out because of possible sex crimes.

The post reads in part; “It appears that Yale has expelled a high-profile member of a sports team in the midst of a pivotal moment in the season on the basis of sexual violence.”

The Yale Women’s Center is also unhappy with the show of support by the basketball team. The statement criticizes the team as proof that sexual assault is an ongoing campus problem.

Here’s another quote from their post: “The team’s actions seem to us a dismissal of the very real threat of sexual violence. That some of the members of the team thought the potential expulsion was a matter to protest shows that toxic attitudes about sexual violence persist on our campus.”

Yale Daily News also reports that signs have been popping up around campus critical of the team’s response. Like one of a message scrawled on a blackboard, that reads: “Rape culture is standing by your teammate and silencing Yale’s victim’s of sexual assault.”

Yale basketball is on the verge of securing its first NCAA tournament berth in over 50 years and people we spoke to on campus today support the team.

“That’s part of being on a team, is really supporting everyone on the team and everyone around you,” said Kacey Traina, a Yale student.

“I think it depends on the case,” said student Anneke Levine. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people who are close to someone supporting them in a difficult situation.”

It’s not clear if the former student-athlete was ever arrested or if a complaint was even filed. Multiple attempts to get comment from Yale police and the university were unsuccessful.