NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The world is watching as the battle rages on between Ukraine and Russia, but not everyone’s interest in that part of the world is so personal.

“I have my mom, my dad, and pretty much a lot of my friends,” Oleskii Antoniuk said.

Antoniuk is a second-year global economics student at Yale University. Over the weekend, he staged a rally on the New Haven Green to shine a light on what he calls a war crime committed by Russia.

He also wants support for those fearing the worst in his homeland.

“My mom has already fled to Poland because she thought it was very unsafe in our house,” Antoniuk said.

Their home is located close to a military airfield, where planes are constantly flying nearby, placing the family in harm’s way.

On Tuesday morning, airstrikes rocked Kharkiv as troops advanced into Kyiv.

“A missile targeted the Kharkiv state administration, and there are already 30 people injured and almost ten people dead,” Antoniuk said.

While the United States continues to impose economic sanctions against Russia to end the war, Antoniuk is taking aim at possible financial investments by Yale in Russia.

“We have already found $9 million of Yale investments exposed to Russian stocks. It is the one guard emergent markets fund,” Antoniuk said.

He said the next step is to stage another rally in order to get Yale to divest from Russia.