Conn. (WTNH) — The results are in, and the Primary winners are gearing up for the general election this fall.

Each of the party chairs believes their ticket of candidates is best suited to lead the state. High stake races for U.S. Senate and Governor will dominate the election cycle.

Republicans had a higher turnout in Tuesday’s Primary.

During a taping of This Week in Connecticut, Republican Party Chair Ben Proto told News 8 the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mara Lago home pushed the Republican base to vote.

“If they could do that to the former president of the United States, regardless of whether you like him or don’t like, him how hard is it to do it to an ordinary citizen?” Connecticut Republican Party Chair Ben Proto said.

He said Republicans are highly motivated and enthusiastic looking toward the mid-term elections.

“Ready to move forward in November and change the political landscape in Connecticut,” added Chair Proto.

Part of the landscape could change in the race for U.S. Senate. Democratic incumbent Richard Blumenthal is seeking a third term at the age of 76. His Republican opponent is Nominee Leora Levy, who was endorsed by President Trump.

Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo said Levy’s views are too extreme.

“When you look at what she stands for – besides the fact that Donald Trump endorsed her – she thinks that teachers if trained should be carrying weapons,” DiNardo said.

There is also a rematch in the Governor’s race: Democrat Ned Lamont versus Republican Bob Stefanowski.

News 8 Chief Political Correspondent Jodi Latina asked: “What do you say to the Stefanowski campaign who are hitting the Lamont campaign on this $2 billion in taxes over his tenure? Everything from a meals tax to a truck tax to a diesel tax?”

“They could say whatever they want people know what their pocketbooks are, and they know the difference Ned Lamont has made,” answered Chair DiNardo.

Stefanowski, a moderate Republican, does not align with Trump Republicans. How will the ticket sway unaffiliated voters who outnumber Democrats and Republicans combined?

Chairman Proto said the Biden, Blumenthal, and Lamont administrations have put families in a bad financial position.  

“What they have done is to destroy us and take us to the abyss over the fiscal cliff,” said Proto.

Chair Nancy DiNardo said Democrats don’t have control over inflation.

“The reality is inflation is all over the world because of the war in Ukraine,” DiNardo said.

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