HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Heading into the Labor Day weekend, candidates for governor are talking about how they would fix the state’s worker shortage.

We’ve been reporting on the issue, as there are more job openings than skilled workers available. There is also a battle over the newly released tax returns of the Republican challenger. After 10,000 hours of training and certification, Kaitlyn Campos can make $47 dollars an hour plus benefits as a plumber.

Campos, from Naugatuck, is nearly graduated from the 5-year program.

“We are so slammed with work right now,” Campos said. “Wherever the manpower is needed, we go!”

Michael Rosario, the business manager for Local 777, said Lamont has been the most supportive Governor ever. “We have work from Stamford to Killingly, to Litchfield to New London.”

The democratic ticket celebrates the 100%endorsement of Labor and Building trades.

“Today highlights the difference between our team and the other team,” Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz said.

The other team was not in the room, but Republican Bob Stefanowski was criticized for a 2018 comment.

“There is a video surfacing around that he said if he was elected Governor- he was going to take the unions out by their knees. some of you have seen it,” Michael Rosario told a group of tradesmen and women. “Why? I’d like to know why. “

Bob Stefanowski, the republican candidate for governor, said it was a comment made four years ago at 10 p.m.

“The union leadership they can say what they want – they are absolutely entitled to that,” Stefanowski said. “But I can tell you I’m going to support them as much as everyone else in Connecticut.”

Stefanowski said if workers pay into a pension, he will pay them what they’ve earned.

“I’m old enough to remember, we had a metal shop and workshop,” Stefanowski added. “Many of the schools are geared toward college which is fine for some kids – but for a lot of kids coming out of college with $200-thousand dollars in debt is not the right answer.”

Meantime, after months of promising to release tax returns, the Republican challenger did. A client list for Stefanowski’s consulting work wasn’t included.

“People have the right to know what the source is?” Gov. Lamont responded. “That’s $10 million a year. Who’s paying for that? Where’s that coming from? Are there any conflicts out there? Inquiring minds want to know.”

Stefanowski said he still questions how much money the Lamont’s made off of the company SEMA 4, which received a state contract to perform COVID testing. Mrs. Lamont is connected to the company. A blind trust has been set up on Lamont’s investments.

“I would hope he discloses how much money he and his wife made off the taxpayers of Connecticut,” said Stefanowski. “He should clean his own house before he starts asking more from me.”

Governor Lamont says the remainder of his tax returns will be released in a few weeks.