NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Are you registered to vote? Tuesday, Sept. 20 is National Voter Registration Day, a civic holiday dedicated to spreading awareness of voter registration opportunities.

The holiday was first celebrated in 2012, and since then, volunteers and organizations nationwide have hit the streets to inform people about how voter registration works.

To date, nearly 4.7 million people have registered on National Voter Registration Day.

According to U.S. Census data from 2020, as many as one in four eligible Americans are not registered to vote. Because of this, millions of Americans may find themselves unable to cast their ballot when it comes time for elections.

To register to vote in Connecticut, you must be a legal U.S. citizen, be a state resident of the town in which you want to vote, and be at least 17 years old (17-year-olds who turn 18 on or before Election Day can participate in the general primary).

Connecticut’s voter registration deadline for online and by mail registration is Nov. 1, and the deadline for in-person registration is Nov. 8, on Election Day.

To register online, click here.

You can register by mail to vote by printing a voter registration form, filling it out, and mailing it to your Registrar of Voters. You can also register to vote in person.

You can also look up your voter registration record and verify that your information is correct using a voter registration lookup tool.

More information on Connecticut voting and registration deadlines can be found here.