Conn. (WTNH) — Giving the power back to parents: that was the message from the Republican ticket in the race for governor.

This Republican plan, labeled as a “parental bill of rights,” covered everything from masks to school vouchers, to who transgender athletes should compete against.

Parents like Cheryl Radachowski of Danbury were at the state capitol Tuesday to hear about the Republican agenda. Her daughter runs track in Danbury and is embroiled in a lawsuit to stop transgender athletes from competing against females.

“When she was in high school, she was forced to compete against biological males,” Cheryl Radachowski said.

The Republican ticket wants to return power to parents, beginning with asking the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference to amend its policy on transgender athletes. Right now – the CIAC said it complies with state laws barring discrimination.

Candidate Bob Stefanowski would like to find an alternative forum.

“Transgender athletes should have the ability to compete,” Stefanowski said. “This is not about telling them they cannot. We need to find a solution.”

They say it’s dangerous for stronger male athletes who are transitioning to compete against females.  Which could lead to injury.

“It’s not fair to have a biological male with physiological advantages compete against biological females,” Radachowski said.

“I think is really important that we make science-based decisions,” Laura Devlin, the Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor, said. “The reason title 9 was put in place was to ensure safety and competitive fairness for girls and women in sports.”

Governor Ned Lamont responded.

“I don’t need a lot of politicians piling on and making political hay at the expense of what is probably a very few kids going through a very tough time right now,” Gov. Lamont said.

The Republican challengers unveiled several other issues in their “parental bill of rights,” from no sex education in classrooms before it is appropriate, to raising the age from 13 to 16 for parental oversite of social media accounts, as well as a statewide school safety audit and school vouchers.

“This is not radical stuff we are talking about here,” Stefanowski said.

Gwen Samuels, a mother from Hartford, said to “put extra supports in, then you can actually transition that child into the school that makes sense for them.”

Lamont said he supports expanding school choice at the local level and the city magnet school lottery.

“Allow more kids to be able to go to other schools, especially if they’re in an overcrowded school district to go to one that’s less crowded,” Gov. Lamont said. “I think it brings more diversity.”

News 8 reached out to the CIAC and they have no comment on Stefanowski’s Parental Bill of Rights.