HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski lost his bid to keep the Independent Party nominee off the November ballot.

Stefanowski and Rob Hotaling were tied in a vote when the party was nominating its candidate. Independent Party Chairman Michael Telesca broke the tie, picking Hotaling.

Stefanowski and his lawyers argued the process was illegal, saying the voting members of the minor party were harmed when they weren’t allowed a second vote, which is in the bylaws.

A judge ruled against Stefanowski’s Thursday, meaning Hotaling will be on the ballot.

“While disappointed in the decision, we respect it and are moving forward,” a statement from Stefanowski’s campaign read.

“I am pleased that the judge has ruled in our favor,” a statement from Hotaling’s campaign read.

In an exclusive WTNH / The Hill / Emerson College poll, Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont leads Stefanowski by more than 10 points in the race for governor.

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