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Capitol Report: Are we ‘Nutmeggers’ or ‘Connecticuters’?

Capitol Report

(WTNH) — The Hartford Courant tackled a very important issue last week…What do you call someone from Connecticut?

For years, the most common answer has been Nutmegger, which makes perfect sense since we are just cranking out the nutmeg these days.

The US Government Publishing Office Style manual feels differently and says we are Connecticuters.

Senator Murphy says going to have a little chat with publishing folks in DC about this.

Think you know what other states call their residents? Take the quiz below and get the answers in the video above.

A resident of Wyoming is called:

  • Wyomingite
  • A Wyom
  • A Wyominger

A resident of Utah is:

  • A Utanian
  • A Ute
  • A Utahn

Someone from neighboring Massachusetts is:

  • A Massachusettsan
  • A Minuteman
  • A Massachusetter

An Indiana resident is:

  • An Indianan
  • An Indiander
  • A Hoosier

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