(WTNH) – With the future of Roe v. Wade and legalized abortion hanging in the balance, Connecticut is taking a proactive stance to protect a woman’s right to choose.

A new law expands abortion access and creates a safe harbor for medical providers from out of state. This is a thorny issue for Republicans and in an election year, let’s just say, it’s a “pricker bush.”

Governor Ned Lamont wasted no time in calling out his Republican challenger Bob Stefanowski to clarify where he stands on the issue. Stefanowski responded by saying if elected, he would not change Connecticut’s abortion law.

Stefanowski then flipped this back to Lamont, saying he believes there needs to be a parental notification for minors under 16 seeking an abortion, except in the case of rape or incest. Lamont doesn’t agree.

As we discussed last week, one of the more interesting races has been the Democrats duking it out for secretary of the state. At one time, this was a field of nine and now it has whittled down to just three candidates.

State Senator Matt Lesser, who finished second at the convention last weekend is bailing out. This was after only announcing on April 28 that he was getting in the race. Lesser explained the reason he bailed on the race saying, “the defining issue of the convention was, ‘do we need more gender diversity?’ I had no answer for that because we do.”

Now, the Democratic primary is looking like a 3-way race among the ladies. State Rep. Stephanie Thomas picked up the party endorsement at the convention. She’ll follow Rep. Hilda Santiago and New Haven Health Director Maritza Bond.