(WTNH) – The nip is a kind of action figure of the booze industry. We collect them, we play with them, and when we’re done, we toss them away. Connecticut’s effort to clean up and collect those empty nip bottles is generating a nice chunk of change for Connecticut now that nips come with a 5-cent surcharge.

That money goes back to cities and towns to help the environment.

Larry Cafero, the executive director for the state’s wine and spirit wholesalers, says lawmakers are worried about fraud if there was a 5-cent dip deposit versus a surcharge.

“If Connecticut became, for instance, the only state in the union, certainly the second state if you will, that passed a deposit law on these little nips, we would literally be the only game in town. We would be accepting the trash, if you will, from all over the country. It’s like the famous Seinfeld episode where people are stocking their cars and trucks with nips, saying let’s go to Connecticut and cash in on that,” Cafero said.

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