NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Last week, a judiciary committee on gun control legislation went on for nearly 12 hours.

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, both Democrats, were among those testifying on behalf of a bill that would create a series of penalties, like high bail and revoking of probation or parole, for repeat offenders who are found with an illegal gun.

Sen. Gary Winfield (D-New Haven), the judiciary committee co-chair, said the bill was too broad and would create legal issues.


Connecticut Republicans aren’t backing away in their fight to eliminate the state’s highway use tax on tractor-trailers.

Trucking companies now pay 2.5 to 17.5 cents per mile to drive in Connecticut. The amount depends on the truck’s weight, and the money collected is supposed to help pay to fix roads and bridges.

At a news conference last week, trucking companies and businesses relying on trucks, explained how this tax hurts their businesses and said that the costs are getting passed along to consumers.