Capitol Report: Judge calls out Gov. Lamont on executive powers; Pay more at pump for cleaner air?

Capitol Report

(WTNH) — If you’re a glass-half-full kind of person, I would chalk up this past week as a pretty good one. The light at the end of the COVID tunnel keeps getting a little brighter as we hit the one-year mark on the pandemic.

Grandparents and parents who’ve been vaccinated are getting to hug their kids and grandkids again. Stimulus checks are going out soon, and in just nine days people 45 and under can start signing up for their shots.

It is truly amazing when you think about where we’ve been the past year, and where we are going, which brings me back to Governor Ned Lamont.

Throughout the pandemic, Lamont hasn’t been shy about using executive orders to get things done during the pandemic. But this week, a judge hearing a case challenging school mask mandates called out the gov. in his decision.

“It’s only when leaders evolve into masters and masters transform into tyrants that we regret losing the means to keep them in check…Nothing in this opinion suggests the executive branch has done the wrong thing, it suggests the right thing must be done constitutionally.”

And wouldn’t you know it! Republican leaders do not agree with how the Governor has handled this.

And Connecticut, you want clean air? We’re all going to have to pay for it. Governor Lamont wants to be part of the Transportation Climate Initiative.

The TCI would tack on an extra couple cents per gallon at the pump. Supporters say it is worth it to protect our health and environment Opponents say drivers are already paying way too much at the pump.

In March 2013, Irish American Magazine announced the inductees to their Irish America Hall of Fame.

The award recognized ‘Extraordinary Figures in the Irish-American community who have had a Profound Effect on the Irish in America.’

Five were recognized that evening, including our current President of the United States.

Another recognized person, former Connecticut Congressman Bruce Morrison, joined Capitol Report to discuss this topic further.

In case you weren’t keeping track, there was a Democratic mayoral primary last week in Groton. 26-year old town councilor Aundre Bumgardner defeated 61-year old incumbent mayor Keith Hedrick by just five votes.

Bumgardner, who already has the title of “Youngest State Rep.” under his belt spoke to News 8 about what he witnessed leading up to the primary in the video above.

It’s Selection Sunday for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, and the Huskies will be heading back for the first time since 2016. One thing you should never do: count out the Huskies.

When they won it all in 2014, they did it as a 7 seed.

And the women? They have locked up another #1 seed. They are the #1 team in the nation. It’s hard to believe, but Geno’s Huskies, who have 11 national titles, haven’t won it all since 2016.

We took a trick into the “Wayback Machine,” and boy did we find a gem. It is a photo of the 1980 Fairfield Prep soccer team. In the photo, you can see #16 is freshman John McKinney and in the row behind him, is senior Brendan Sharkey. Both of which happen to be on the Capitol Report panel in this episode.

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