NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A controversial fence separating Miami Beach from Soundview Beach in Old Lyme was removed last week.

Neighbors in the Soundview Beach section won a lawsuit after a private homeowners association built the fence in 2017 and started charging a fee.

According to the deed written more than a hundred years ago, the public must have access to Miami Beach.

“I’m feeling really happy now that this is finally coming down,” Kathleen Tracy, a plaintiff in the lawsuit, said.

Miami Beach Association President Mark Mongillo claims the deed only states that people can walk along Miami Beach, not stop and sit down. They have no way to control that now, Mongillo said.

“It allowed us to control who was coming on to this beach, and we could check coolers and do all of that,” Mongillo said. “Now, all of that is gone.”

The Capitol Report team weighs in.