Capitol Report: Nearing an end to religious exemption for vaccines? Teachers calling to get COVID shot soon, and bye-bye Trump buildings

Capitol Report

They are a small group, making a big impact at the state capitol. Those opposed to ending the religious exemption for child vaccinations made their voices heard at a 24-hour virtual public hearing last week.

But the 200 people who actually spoke were a tiny fraction of the nearly 2,000 who signed up to comment on the issue.

While many see the hearing as a formality on a bill that would likely pass with ease, Republican leaders were fuming about the virtual process that kept hundred of passionate voices silent.

There are strong opinions on vaccine exemption from both sides. Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff is taking some heat for his tweet regarding the issue.

We are now rumbling our way towards March. A huge number of Connecticut school kids haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in a full year. Governor Ned Lamont and the Education Commissioner have been upfront about wanting to get kids into the classroom.

The data shows — there have not been large numbers of covid cases connected to schools. Yet, the state’s largest teachers union and many of their members are still scratching their heads and asking why teachers haven’t been moved to the front of the line for vaccinations.

Many still fear the risks of being in the classroom. A group of former Connecticut Teachers of the Year are part of a public campaign to get teachers vaccinated ASAP.

Gov. Lamont said he would likely make decisions on the next round of vaccinations in the next week or so. He also weighed in on the issue in a conversation with the Hartford Courant’s editorial board, telling them, “I’m not sure you move grandma to the back of the line so you can move [teachers] forward…”

Since Election Day, thousands of Connecticut Republicans have left the Grand Old Party. The insurrection in DC didn’t seem to help. And right now, Connecticut Republicans appear to be stumbling around in the dark when it comes to having a true leader within the party.

No new party chair since JR Romano stepped aside. So, who’s running the show?

We talked to Glastonbury town council member Chip Beckett, who lost a State House race in November. Beckett explained his reasons for ditching the GOP and becoming an Independent.

Trump Plaza in Atlantic City is no more. It was imploded this past week. The building had been vacant since 2014, and was literally falling apart — chunks would randomly fall to the street. Donald Trump sold the building years ago.

According to the Stamford Advocate, the Trump Parc Condominium board voted 7-0 to remove the Trump name from the 34-story building. It will now be known as Park Stamford. Trump no longer owns the building; he was just one of the developers.

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