(WTNH) — Last week, some knuckleheads posted comments on the State GOP Facebook page, basically threatening to shoot Democratic Senator Cathy Osten.

Osten is running for re-election as First Selectwoman in Sprague. Last week, Osten allegedly drove on someone’s lawn while campaigning door-to-door.

That’s when the ugly comments started rolling in…and things went too far. State Democratic leaders headed to Sprague to denounce the hate.

Senator Osten isn’t the only candidate to get abused on social media. New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart was recently body shamed and taunted with some really nasty insults on social media by a Democratic City Council candidate.

More ‘signs’ that politics can get dirty?

Last week, someone actually took the time to print up these signs in Farmington that were placed in front of Democratic candidate signs. They read “Dripp, Clapp and Herpes: Row A.” Basically replacing the names of the candidates with sexually-transmitted diseases.

And speaking of signs, shout out to the Democrats in South Windsor to posted up a sign that says, “Lowest tax increase in ten years, delivered by South Windsor Democrats.”

Basically, the folks in South Windsor have resigned themselves to knowing that there will always be tax increases, and you should just be happy there have been small ones.