(WTNH) – It’s springtime and you know what that means? Wedding season! But oftentimes, the big day doesn’t always turn out to be perfect.

Enter our friends at Travelers Insurance. They just released their list of the most common wedding mishaps that resulted in insurance claims for 2021.

The winner? Vendor-related issues. The limo didn’t show up, the band broke up, and the videographer forgot to hit record. Also on the list were property damage, illness, or injury, weather, and military deployments.

Finally, one devastating casualty of the legislative session was the Lollipop Bill. We were so close to having the lollipop as the state candy. The bill made it through the House, but it never came up in the Senate, much to the chagrin of the Fairfield 4th graders who proposed the bill.

They testified the lollipop was invented in 1908 in New Haven.