Starting Monday, Governor Ned Lamont is dipping into $10-million in federal COVID-19 funds to try to get people back to work. The state is offering $1,000 signing bonuses for those who can get and keep a job for at least eight weeks.

Let’s just say, both sides of the aisle at the capitol seem a little skeptical about it.

Another issue that has Republicans seeing red: Reopening the state capitol.

Yes, all COVID-19 business restrictions have been lifted in Connecticut, but the People’s House is still off-limits to anyone except lawmakers.

Connecticut is one step closer to allowing sports betting and online gaming.

The House passed a bill last Thursday that is the latest expansion of gambling since the casinos were built.

It’s still unclear if you’ll be able to bet on NFL games come fall. The feds still need to sign off, and there are a lot of moving parts to get everything in place.