Capitol Report: Vaccine chatter, State Capitol’s hot button issues, and…UFOs?

Capitol Report

“Did you get your shot yet?” “Which one are you getting?” “Did you get your second dose?” — These are the conversations dominating our lives these days. Vaccine stories, the ‘humble brags’ about getting quick vaccine appointments are like someone talking about scoring front row concert tickets.

The vaccine is the new badge of honor. And now, there’s chatter about “Vaccine passports”, which would ‘verify vaccination’ so people can return to restaurants or events with other vaccinated people. New York is doing it voluntarily.

And last week, Governor Ned Lamont was asked for his thoughts on a vaccine passport. He said to give it about six weeks: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

There was a flurry of activity at the capitol on a number of bills related to hot button issues. All of the making it out of committee and another step closer to reality.

The Public Health Committee voted to eliminate the religious exemption for childhood vaccines.

You also have the bottle bill getting the green light, which raises the deposit to 10 cents.

In addition, a bill passed committee to overhaul zoning rules to address racial segregation and promote more affordable housing.

And one of the most interesting bills moving forward gets tough on juveniles who steal or attempt to steal vehicles.

Gov. Lamont still has not made any decisions about whether he’s running for a second term. The chatter seems to be that he will give it another go in 2022. And the website FiveThirtyEight seems to think it would be a wise choice.

According to their “Very early look at 2022 Governor Races”, FiveThirtyEight believes Connecticut is solid Democrat and would likely go in that direction.

Senator Richard Blumenthal gets asked a lot of tough questions, but the question of the week may have come from a Zoom interview with the Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich. Rest assured, no, Blumy says he sees no threat from UFOs right now.

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