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Capitol Report: What do top CT lawmakers make of the Democratic Presidential candidates after South Carolina debate?

Capitol Report

(WTNH) — The race for the White House is heating up. May top leaders in the state are Democrats. What do they think about the candidates running for their party’s nomination? Governor Ned Lamont and Senator Chris Murphy share their thoughts with the Capitol Report team.

Another slugfest: the Democratic Presidential candidate hopefuls duking it out ahead of Super Tuesday. Trying to take down each other in their quest to take on President Trump in the General Election. It kind of seemed like a talk show at times. Everyone talked over each other, their focus: frontrunner Bernie Sanders.

Senator Chris Murphy was asked on CNN’s State of the Union what he thinks of Sanders’ ability to beat Trump in the general election should he become the Democratic nominee, and how/if his nomination might hurt down-ballot Democrats who are in more moderate districts.

I think Bernie Sanders will beat Donald Trump. I think Joe Biden would beat Donald Trump. I think Elizabeth Warren would beat Donald Trump.

What we need is a candidate who has a base of enthusiastic supporters, who’s authentic, who speaks truth to power, who can throw a punch, and who can take a punch.

I think anyone polling in the top four or five fits that bill. But Bernie’s base of support, the enthusiasm behind him, I think speaks to the strength of his candidacy both in the primary but also as a general election candidate, as well.

– U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT)

So obviously Senator Murphy is endorsing Bernie, right?

No, I’m not endorsing anyone. I think that this primary is going to be a test of who is ready, who’s tough enough to take on President Trump.

Remember, only 5% of the country has voted [so far].

Bernie’s done very well in the opening primaries, but this thing is not a done deal. Any of the candidates who are polling well in these early primaries.

Any Mayor Bloomberg still has, I think, a very good shot at the nomination.

– U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT)

Governor Lamont mentioned Bloomberg’s chances post-South Carolina debate, as well.

I thought Joe Biden did pretty well, though. Looked like he had an extra cup of coffee. He was sort of jazzed up for that debate.

Mike Bloomberg stood up. He did a better job at that debate. He’s good if you stick to the issues. The back and forth of the politics he struggles with.

– Governor Ned Lamont

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