Let’s talk about 2022! We are past the halfway point on Governor Ned Lamont’s first term and there are some names popping up on the Republican side of the table as possible candidates.

Lamont hasn’t come out and said he is going to make a run at a second term, but the guy is riding the wave of popularity for the work he’s done guiding Connecticut through the pandemic.

Let’s talk about who might be the Republicans’ best shot as a candidate in 2022:

Bob Stefanowski gave Lamont a run for his money in 2016. Bob the Builder certainly has kept his name on the radar.

Themis Klarides is retiring as House Minority Leader. Does she have her eyes on a much bigger prize in 2022?

Remember this guy? Former hedge fund manager David Stemerman of Greenwich really surprised a lot of people in the primary. Deep pockets, big ideas, could he get people excited for a second time around?

Then we have New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart. She may be busy chasing little ones around the house, but does she have her eye on doing that around the governor’s residence?

Is Timmy going to try again? Tim Herbst, the former Trumbull governor candidate is young, feisty, and could be the bulldog the GOP needs.

Watch the video above for more.