MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) – “I thought of what I would want to read my kids at night and that’s where it came from,” said Adam Young.

Ebbie and Adam Young opened Sift Bake Shop in downtown Mystic about seven years ago.

Then, the busy entrepreneurs became busy parents to two busy little girls.

“I thought, this is such a great dynamic and the father-daughter dynamic is so great,” says Ebbie.

And now, there’s a new chapter of their life: ‘Bakery Kids’.

The children’s book is inspired by the joy the family experiences when 6-year-old Stella and 3-year-old Eva visit their dad in the kitchen.

“That’s my mom and her dog, Cooper,” says Ebbie, turning the pages.

The book is personal, also a love letter to beautiful Mystic, showing scenes folks will recognize like one of Mystic Aquarium and its famous resident.

“Little Juno, Juno,” she says, referencing the Baluga whale.

Illustrations are by local Daniel Kenyon whose watercolors already adorn the walls of the bakery.

“I knew her family and I knew how they interacted together. Our sense of humor is the same,” says Kenyon who gave-up work as a police officer to focus on his art.

He’s now training to be a judicial marshal to support his creativity.

“There’s a lot of hidden in that book,” he explains. “I’m in there. I was a police officer in downtown mystic for several years so I got myself in one of the shots.”

“We just recently expanded to our third location, we’re now in Niantic which has been amazing,” says Ebbie of their business’s growth.

She is also thinking about possible future books.

“My gears are turning, it’s just if Dan will have me back,” she laughs.

A portion of proceeds from “bakery kids” will be donated to Stella’s school.
It’s a “sweet” project capturing a precious moment in time.

“It’s a great little memento and a great tribute to the relationship Adam has with the girls,” Ebbie said.

Young is hosting a book signing and family open house at Sift in Mystic on Sunday, November 13th.