Thursday, June 21, marks the debut of Make Music Day here in Connecticut, featuring more than 250 free musical events across the state.

News 8 heads to a Music Together class in Woodbridge for a preview.

With rhythm and lyrics, moms, dads and caregivers enrich their toddler’s day through song. 

“He loves it. It’s calming for him but it makes him happy, excited but there are certain songs that help mellow him out,” explained Naomi Rosenstein of her two-and-half year old son, Ness, who has been attending a Music Together class since he was a baby.

Thursday is Make Music Day, a free celebration of music around the globe and here at home. Many events are taking place in the New Haven area. 

“It’s a wonderful idea for people to come together in a community setting and leave all of their worries behind,” said Liz McNicholl, owner of Musical Folk in Woodbridge. 

She also leads the Music Together classes. 

“Music Together’s philosophy is that we all come-out wired and ready to receive music,” she said.  “There’s a window of opportunity, especially with children between the ages of 0 to 5, where they’re wired to take-in this information. They’re like sponges, they can take it all in.”

Research shows that early exposure to music helps a young child develop emotional, cognitive and vocabulary skills. 

Enjoying this time together also promotes family bonding. 

“We have a towel in our kitchen that says, ‘Our kitchen is for dancing,’ because we dance and sing in our kitchen,” said Rosenstein of Bethany.  “Music helps Ness communicate and express himself.  A lot of times he can’t verbalize what he wants to say but music helps him get it out.”

“Making music makes this world a better place,” said McNicholl.  “Build a musical memory with your family.” 

Everyone is welcome to join Music Together playing at the First Presbyterian Church – 704 Whitney Avenue in New Haven – on Thursday at 4:45pm.  Click here for a complete listing of Make Music Day events in the area.