Connecticut Families Extra: Over-controlling parents hinder kids’ relationships

Connecticut Families

A new study shows that a particular style of parenting can have negative effects on teens and their relationships, even through adulthood. 

Researchers at the University of Virginia collected data from 184 teens when they were 13, 18, and 21. 

They asked the teens at 13 questions regarding their relationship with their parents. They found when parents used psychological coercion to control their teens’ decisions, such as the parent being less friendly with the teen if they don’t see things the parent’s way, that hindered teens’ ability to use reasoning and express confidence during disagreements with friends.

As researchers followed these teens throughout the years, they found the study participants carried the inability to use these skills with friends and romantic partners through early adulthood.

The study suggests that psychologically controlling parents can restrict a teen’s ability to maintain close relationships and resolve conflicts later in life. 

So parents, help promote your teen’s capacity to take part in polite disagreements by giving them space to learn how to have respectful disagreements with you.

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