A fifth grader from East Hampton is Connecticut’s latest Kid Governor and she has a progressive agenda including LGBTQ youth safety.

News 8’s Sarah Cody observed her first cabinet meeting.

Since taking the reins in January, Ella Briggs is settling into her new role. 

“A lot of people asking me questions and stuff – I’m still getting used to it – it’s still kind of weird too but I like it, it’s fun,” she says.

The cabinet discussed her mission – one that comes from the heart as the state’s first openly gay Kid Governor. 

“My platform is pride, hope, love for LGBTQ youth, safety,” explains Briggs.

She’s inspired by two close friends – one transgender, the other pansexual. 

“They’re scared, they’re scared to go to school, they’re scared to walk down the street,” she says with passion.  “I’ve met teachers at conferences or meetings and they don’t know what to do.” 

So, Briggs plans to speak honestly to educators.  She only has a year to open eyes as Kid Governor but future plans are big. 

“I’m going to go to law school and become a civil rights attorney and make my way into politics,” she says.

As seen after the Parkland, Florida school shooting, kids are feeling more comfortable speaking out, enacting change. 

“Everyone, no matter if they’re 4 or 96, they should be able to stand-up and make a difference,” says Briggs.

A brave 11-year-old, living her truth, taking her job seriously with deep sincerity and high hopes. 

“I want to be guiding light,” she says.  “I’m going to keep trying to make Connecticut and the world a better place.”

On May 20th, Briggs is hosting a webinar to train teachers, principals and support staff about helping LGBTQ students feel more comfortable and safe in the classroom.


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