MADISON, Conn. (WTNH) — “There’s necklaces, bracelets, earrings,” said 22-year-old Danny Laager, as he shows News 8 around a bright store filled with ethically sourced, artisanally made products from all around the U.S.

Another employee, Courtney Dinsky showed off an incredible, spinning globe.

“It’s powered by the light and you can put it on your dresser,” she said.

The shop is called Creations, as it creates opportunities for employees with disabilities.

A recent move to this bigger space means even more customers are experiencing and learning about the unique mission there.

“They get to meet our young adults, our sales associates and hear the story of how those young adults have developed independence and success. It kind of just breaks down those barriers,” said Helen Bosch, CEO of Vista Life Innovations, behind the retail space.

“Vista is an organization that supports young adults with disabilities to develop the skills they need to be independent to thrive and be included in the local community,” Bosch said.

“Creations is like my second home,” said 27-year-old Amanda Lawler, who has been working at the store for seven years.

The employees are paid. Vista said it teaches them how to take the bus to work and prepare for their jobs.

“I greet customers, I ring them out, I do basic chore cleaning,” said Lawler.

An upcoming walk shares Vista’s work with the community.

“It’s a walk that takes place in downtown Madison, so, hey, it gives us a chance to say, ‘Here we are,'” said Bosch.

These hard-working adults love their jobs, as they find purpose, learn skills, and teach everyone around them how productive this workforce can be.

“This is my permanent job and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon,” Lawler stated.

The upcoming walk for Vista, which raises funds for financial aid, takes place Sunday, October 23.

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