EAST HAMPTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Take a drive or a stroll around East Hampton and you’ll notice colorful decorations outside stores, at a local lake and the elementary school.

“We had over 1,300 people register in the first 24 hours,” said Ellen Paul, Director of the Public Library.

The town has become a life-sized Candy Land game, delighting players young and old.

“It was such an exciting phone call to get,” said Paul.

“A thousand dollars went to every public library in the county with one rule – spread some joy in your community,” said Cynthia Clegg, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, which gave this grant in partnership with the Peach Pit Foundation.

It’s a gift that comes at the perfect time, as spring emerges during a pandemic.

“A lot of the libraries are doing programs to bring people outside, not just hand out a book, but activities for the entire family,” said Clegg.

“Inside, you have your game board,” said Paul, as she showed off a kit that families can register to pick up at the library. They can also go online to visit places like Peppermint Forest and Licorice Lagoon.

Local stores are offering promotions, boosting business at a tough time.

The mission of spreading joy – fulfilled – thanks to an iconic game and creativity.

A dose of sweetness that everyone now needs.

“It’s so nice to feel like you’re part of something in these really uncertain times, and I think this is what this accomplishes,” said Paul.

Return your board to the library and be entered into a raffle to receive a prize. The game wraps up on Sunday, March 21.

You can download the game board here.