ESSEX, Conn. (WTNH) — “29 years and counting,” said Steve Cryan, noting how long he has been building the always-epic train display at the Connecticut River Museum.

Intricate, involved, and full of humor, the display elicits tons of smiles, especially from the kids.

“They flock to this. Some kids have been coming here since they’ve grown all the way up and that’s really neat,” said Cryan, an artist, musician, and also a guide on Cross Sound Ferry tours.

Cryan works every day to celebrate Connecticut.

He’s an aviation buff who is also interested in ships and lighthouses. His love for all modes of transportation started early.

“We used to go down to LaGuardia when we were kids with the piston planes. We’d just go up on the observation deck and watch, it was great,” he recalled.

This year’s main display is 26 feet long by eight feet wide. It showcases seven HO-scale model trains that chug through coastal scenes.

“They’re so delightful, so fun to watch, so many details to look at,” said Elizabeth Kaeser, Executive Director of the Connecticut River Museum. She noted that next year the museum turns 50 while Cryan’s train display will be 30 years old.

“It’s a New England traction, this is a Connecticut River Museum tradition. It was your tradition and it’s fast becoming my tradition, as well,” she said.

“When you come here, you have to play the I-Spy and see everything,” said Cryan.

So News 8 did! There’s a lot to look through and as for the I-Spy game, well, it isn’t easy!

A proud new grandpa said the display brings the generations together, helping them to make memories around the holidays.

“It’s all about giving and making people smile,” said Cryan. “It’s a good feeling.”

The train show runs through February 19. Eagle cruises are also coming up at the Connecticut River Museum.

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